Cigarette Odor

Damage due to cigarette smoke is less of an annoyance than a few decades ago, but smoke on clothing and leftover in your car is still very easy to detect.  Second hand smoke is also a health hazard, an additional reason to eliminate stale smoke odors. It’s a shame we have to take measures to [...]

Kitchen Granite Countertops

Our kitchen decor can be as various as the rest of the home or even our personal wardrobe. Granite and other natural stones are popular materials for countertops. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and granite gives the impression of a clean kitchen that looks more expensive than some popular materials from [...]

Fine China

Your fine china may have been left to you by your mother, a precious possession for sure, or it may have been a wedding present. Maybe you saved your pennies and shopped until you found just the right set of beautiful dinner service ware to use on special occasions. However, you acquired your fine china, [...]


We mostly use baking soda in our kitchen to bake cookies, cakes, and other goodies.  However, the beauty of baking soda is that it is also a safe, non-toxic substance you can use around the kitchen, or rooms of your home for cleaning. The few times that grease from bacon flares up in the pan, [...]